Fire and technical safety systems

Fire and technical safety systems

The leading direction in the activity of Techno Construction is the design and installation of fire protection and technical safety systems.
Today, without their presence, it is impossible to imagine the construction and reconstruction of modern commercial, residential and industrial buildings, because the purpose of these systems is to preserve the life, health and safety of people, to protect property and buildings from fire and intruders.

Fire protection systems consist of many components:

  • fire alarm and warning;
  • fire extinguishing - water, gas, powder, foam, aerosol;
  • fire-fighting automation systems;
  • smoke removal and air pressure.

The main components of the technical security complex:

  • CCTV;
  • access control and management system;
  • security alarm.

The modern market is constantly improving and offers high-tech equipment, on the basis of which our engineers will select integrated solutions for buildings of any size and complexity.
Our company will professionally design and install the necessary fire protection and technical safety systems for your facility, taking into account the current norms and legislation, which is necessary for putting the facility into operation.